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Artist's Statement

Art drives me. I am able to find identity in the power of human emotion. I express human emotion through visual representations found in nature and femininity. Emotion is diverse. It is bold, yet vulnerable; it illuminates, and conceals; it constructs, it withers; rages, soothes. Despite all of its individual characteristics, the truest form of emotion is found during a coalescence of them all. These are the moments I attempt to capture and portray through my art.  

About the Artist

In the first grade I won my first art competition. At the time, I thought I was turning in a homework assignment to my teacher. Unbeknownst to me, or my parents, my teacher submitted the drawing to a local art contest for children in the district. She saw promise in my ability and took the liberty of entering me into the contest with the hope of inspiring me to pursue my talent. It worked. Motivated by my first success, I developed a love of visual art and became an avid student of art. I currently work with acrylic paint and focus on portraits and landscapes.


If you especially love a piece that has been sold or you have a painting idea in mind, please contact me about the subject matter and color range that spark your interest and I can create a new painting for you. 

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